Life is and I am



Irum Naqvi

Irum is a 500ERYT registered with Yoga Alliance, and Director  Center for Natural Living (CNL).  CNL is a Registered Yoga School, RYS200 & RYS300.  

Irum has been practicing yoga for over 25 years.  Influenced by all aspects of Hatha and Raja yoga, Irum focuses her practice on energetic and physical alignment in asanas, meditation and breath awareness, guiding students into their deeper physical and emotional space. 

Combining effort with ease, play and contemplation, her yoga sessions bring transformation that leaves one energized, confident and ready to follow the inner calling. On and off the mat, Irum provides a space that encourages everyone to explore their inner being, discover the true self and unlock layers of conditionings and Samskaras (deep-seated impressions that guide our actions).

Irum's quest to understand life’s purpose led her to yoga and reiki. With more than 4,000 hours of personal practice and close to 1,500 hours of teaching, Irum has organized yoga retreats, compiled a 100- page yoga training manual and trained yoga teachers. She has taught in Canada, Costa Rica, the United States, Austria, Belgium, Israel, Thailand, Pakistan, and Egypt.

Yoga Training Manual